Today we received visitors from Fagopplæringen i Fjellregionen, an education agency for healthcare apprentices in the Røros region. The occasion was a study trip to learn more about welfare technology, which is also a theme in their classes.

The students were introduced to different types of welfare technology like the eWare-robot Tessa, Pepper the robot, Paro the friendly seal robot, and No Isolation’s KOMP and AV1.

Roger A. Søraa gave an introductory presentation to welfare technology, as well as the challenges we are facing with the age wave that is ahead of us in the years to come.

Erlend Kleiven-Jørgensen then talked about the experiences he gained during his Master’s degree in Science and Technology Studies at NTNU. His thesis entails how welfare technology is implemented in Norwegian municipalities and weighs the importance of interdisciplinary cooperation and local adaptations during this process.

After that, Pernille Nyvoll explained the possibilities and challenges accompanying the robotics and sensor technology in the eWare-project, and her experiences with field research in Stjørdal.

Jon Sørgaard concluded the presentations with his reflections on welfare technology and the importance of healthcare workers. We hope that the apprentices are left with interesting perspectives that can serve them at their future workplaces!

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