Join the ImRo-lab team for our next monthly presentation and film screening with a focus on robots in society. How is society equipped for handling robotic innovations? What challenges are societies facing when implementing robot technology? What should the relations between the user and the robot be? Such questions are problematized in many movies and popular culture. Cyborg Cinema is a monthly film forum that will contain a presentation about social robots followed by a thematic film screening.

February's theme is gender and technology, a topic that Dr. Sofia Moratti from NTNU's Center of Gender Studies will introduce us to through her opening presentation. Thereafter we will watch the 1975 cult classic 'The Stepford Wives', a movie that reveals the sinister truth behind the inexplicably quaint and submissive housewives residing in small-town Stepford, Connecticut.

Feel free to stay after the movie for further discussion and networking!

The event is free to attend, more information available here:


In this film we are introduced to Joanna Eberhart, an aspiring photographer from Manhattan who is moving to the calm suburb Stepford together with her husband Walter Eberhart and their two children. Joanna soon feels disturbed and alienated from the other Stepford women, as they all appear to be inexplicably perfect housewives who thrive doing nothing but domestic servitude and submitting to their husbands. Walter joins a secretive “Men’s Club” in Stepford, and starts making similar demands of Joanna. Joanna starts to conspire that something unusual is happening in Stepford, and that the women could be victims of having been replaced with domestic robot-doubles of themselves. Can Joanna escape with her children before it also is too late for her?