Current Projects

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SENSE-GARDEN created adaptive, immersive environments with the aim of improving the quality of life of persons with dementia and their caregivers. Through a personalized stimulation of their senses SENSE-GARDENs stimulate their memories, communication and promote physical activity.


LIFEBOTS Exchange seeks to foster cross-sectoral, international and interdisciplinary collaboration to advance social robotics. The project will focus on the health domain, investigating how social robots can be included in people’s lives, and aims to foster sociotechnical human-robot relations relevant for robotic inclusiveness.
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LIFEBOTS Exchange Extended

The LIFEBOTS Exchange Extended (LEE) project brings together Norwegian companies and public organisations with academic experts to envision the future of robotics in the healthcare sector and expand the impact and reach of LIFEBOTS Exchange project.


AUTOWORK studies the future of work in relation to increasing automation, digitalization and robotization. Through extensive engagement with workers, AUTOWORK will learn about and provide solutions to societal challenges arising from the changing nature of work.


eWare aims to develop a useful and meaningful service in co-design with human beings. The main project goals of eWare are focused on reducing stress of the informal carers and the patient community, enhancing quality of life of the informal carer and person with dementia, and supporting communication and information between formal and informal carers.

Completed projects

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BaltSe@nioR created synergies between the furniture industry and innovative ICT solutions through intersectorial specialisation. The objective was to create methods for product design and to create furniture with a focus on security, special needs and preferences for elderly living at home.
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This project developed the VictoryaHome system and tested it with a large group of end-users in long-term trials in their own homes. The system was composed of a social robot and a smartphone application which include activity monitoring, fall detection, and an automatic medication dispenser.

My Robot Friend

My Robot Friend studies how social robots can become part of the daily lives of elderly people in their own homes, how robots can be a social resource for the elderly, and act as an intermediary between people who want to live at home, their relatives, and municipal actors.