From January the ImRo-lab started to arrange a monthly "Cyborg Cinema"; a screening of a film with a robotic topic, combined with a presentation with the same topic from competent speakers.

The first film screening was of the charming movie "Robot & Frank". Frank is an older adult with moderate dementia that is given a home-care robot by his son. This movie inspired the ImRo-lab team to write a chronicle with reflections of human-robot care relations.

‘Robot and Frank’ focuses on the meeting of different generations’ widely varying acceptance of robot technology. The main character, Frank, is an older adult diagnosed with moderate dementia. He appreciates a simple life, having retired from a career as a cat burglar. Due to his worsening dementia, Frank’s son gives him a home-care robot. Frank says, in his own words, “[I] don’t want a robot, and don’t need a robot”. However, after a while, the robot becomes an increasingly important part of his life – not solely because of his medical and daily needs, but because of how he reinvents himself through robotic aid.

The chronicle reflects on several important topics for research on robots, such as interactions between robots, possibilities and risks of introducing robots in care, and ethical dilemmas.