Current Projects



AUTOWORK studies the future of work in relation to increasing automation, digitalization and robotization. Through extensive engagement with workers, AUTOWORK will learn about and provide solutions to societal challenges arising from the changing nature of work.
Good Brother


Goodbrother increases awareness of the ethical, legal, and privacy issues associated to audio- and video-based monitoring and to propose privacy-aware working solutions for assisted living.


LIFEBOTS Exchange seeks to foster cross-sectoral, international and interdisciplinary collaboration to advance social robotics. The project will focus on the health domain, investigating how social robots can be included in people’s lives, and aims to foster sociotechnical human-robot relations relevant for robotic inclusiveness.
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LIFEBOTS Exchange Extended

The LIFEBOTS Exchange Extended (LEE) project brings together Norwegian companies and public organisations with academic experts to envision the future of robotics in the healthcare sector and expand the impact and reach of LIFEBOTS Exchange project.
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Robotics4EU facilitates a more widespread adoption of (AI-based) robots in healthcare, inspection and maintenance of infrastructure, agri-food, and agile production by implementing responsible research and innovation (RRI) principles in the robotic community.

Avsluttende prosjekter


Experts in Teams

Prof. Artur Serrano and the IMRO-lab recently offered the course "Innovative societies with virtual reality and robots: The welfare technology of the future" as part of the NTNU Experts in Teams (EiT) program. EiT is an intensive course for Master's students that about 2,700 students complete each year.


eWare engaged in co-design with humans to develop a unified lifestyle monitoring system of apps and robots to reduce stress for people living with dementia and their informal carers.
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SENSE-GARDEN created adaptive, immersive environments with the aim of improving the quality of life of persons with dementia and their caregivers. Through a personalized stimulation of their senses SENSE-GARDENs stimulate their memories, communication and promote physical activity.
Balt Se nio R_2560x1707


BaltSe@nioR skapte synergier mellom møbelindustrien og innovative ICT-løsninger gjennom tverrsektoriell spesialisering. Målet var å danne fungerende metoder for produktdesign og å lage møbler med fokus på sikkerhet, pålitelighet, spesielle behov og preferanser for eldre som bor hjemme.

My Robot Friend

My Robot Friend undersøker hvordan sosiale roboter kan bli en del av det daglige livet til eldre i deres eget hjem, hvordan roboter kan være en sosial ressurs for eldre, og fungere som et mellomledd mellom eldre som ønsker å bo hjemme, pårørende og hjelpesentral.
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Dette prosjektet utviklet og testet ut VictoryaHome-systemet. Systemet består av en sosial robot og en smarttelefonapplikasjon som inkluderer aktivitetsmåling, fallovervåking og en automatisk medisindispenser.